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How do I create a Deal?
  • Click on Sign-In/ at the top right hand corner of the page.
  • Login with your Publisher account credentials.
  • Once logged in click on the "Create" button on the header or simply click here
  • Now choose a Deal image, preferably (1250x750) pixels for best quality.
  • Then enter a "Deal Title" that best describes your deal.
  • Choose the start date for your deal or pick a custom range.
    • Date range will default on the day the deal is being created.
    • Date range cannot exceed 30 days.
    • Date range may be less then 30 days.
    • Date range may be customized to less then 30 days.
  • Choose a "Category" & "Sub Category" that best fits your deal.
  • Enter a deal description. Be as detailed as possible so your consumers have all of the information they need to choose your deal.
  • REDEMPTION(S): Allows you to add a limit to your deal. If left blank, it will default to (0) is and the deal will have unlimited redemptions.
  • PROMOTION: You can apply your own or assign a Promo Code with a website link to your product or we will generate a unique barcode and ID for your deal.
  • LOCATION: Add a location where your product can be redeemed or leave it blank if it’s an online deal.
  • SOCIAL: Select the "Social Media" account(s) to which you want to post your deal so users can see it on your pages.
  • REQUIREMENTS: Assign a social requirement. This is how your users spread your deal and make it viral.
    • NOTE: If this is left BLANK then we will generate a unique barcode which will be visible right away.
  • MEDIA: This is where you can attach media files to your deal such as additional images or perhaps a YouTube video or even a soundtrack from SoundCloud to make your deal more appealing.
  • "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" AMAZON: Currently selling items on Well. let us pull these items into so you can create deals.
  • FEATURE: Feature your deal on the main site banner of so everyone sees it right away.
    • NOTE: This is available for an additional fee of only $250 per month.
What's the difference between each Publisher account?
Why did my monthly payment fail?
  • There are a few reasons why your last payment might have been unsuccessful:
    • Your credit card details are no longer correct (have you received a new card?)
    • Your bank account has insufficient funds
    • Your bank is rejecting the payment due to other reasons, which are unknown to us
    • PayPal: Your billing agreement was cancelled at PayPal
    • PayPal: PayPal did not approve the payment
    • Please check with your bank, or with PayPal to make sure that they are not blocking payment to HyperUp
  • Otherwise, it could be that:
    • You entered your payment information over one year ago and your details need to be refreshed
    • Your card expired or the expiration date is incorrect
Will my account be automatically charged every month?
  • Yes, your account will be charged at the end of your billing cycle every month unless you have downgraded your account to Publisher Free.
I've noticed an unauthorized payment on my account, what should I do?
  • If you notice an unauthorized payment on your account please contact or call 1 (855) 939-4973 for help.
How do I change or update my credit card / payment details?
  • Log into your account and go to your Profile page.
  • Click on the "Billing info" tab and update your credit card information.
Can I change the date my monthly payment is taken?
  • No, once you have signed up your billing cycle will stay the same and therefore you will not be able to change your monthly payment date.
I think someone has hacked my account, what can I do?
  • Please contact for further assistance if you think someone has hacked your account.
I think I'm being scammed, what can I do?
  • Please contact for further assistance if you think you’re being scammed.
I need a receipt / invoice! How can I get one?
Someone has posted my personal information. What can I do?
Where can I download your App?
  • This is currently Under Construction
How can I access your mobile App?
  • This is currently Under Construction
I keep getting a 404/500 error, what should I do?
Terms and Conditions Changes
  • If our Terms and Conditions change you will be prompted for a review and acknowledgment at your next login.
  • Note: Acknowledgement will need to be accepted before you can move forward after login.
How do I cancel my subscription and downgrade to free?
  • There is no option to cancel your membership but you have the option to downgrade your account.
  • Login with your Publisher account credentials, once logged in click onto your Avatar on the top toolbar and select “Memberships” or click here
  • Here you may view your current account status and also change to another membership level by clicking on “Change to”.
  • After selecting this option you will be prompted with a courtesy popup before we upgrade your account “Are You Sure You Wish To Change Your Account Option?”.
    • If you would like to proceed click “CHANGE MEMBERSHIP”
    • If you changed your mind or accidentally selected the wrong button click onto “CLOSE”.
  • Please remember once you change your membership your credit card on file will be charged with a prorated amount depending on when your next billing date is or the full amount of the selected membership. If you are downgrading your current Publisher account you will have until the end of your billing cycle to use what’s left, there will be no refunds for already purchased membership/Add-ons.