Most dairy cows are raised in a confined area and are fed genetically modified grains in feed lots that are enhanced with hormones and antibiotics to increase milk production. Fortifeye Super Protein is derived from New Zealand dairy cows that are grass fed free range year round. This protein is free from pesticide, hormones and antibiotics. Most whey protein uses harsh chemicals to bleach their protein white to remove the coloring agents used in the cheese the whey is derived from. Fortifeye Super Protein uses no bleaching agents at all in the production of their proteins. New Zealand is where lush, green grass flourishes and is ideal for grass fed dairy farming. Generations of dairy farmers have worked with the land in New Zealand to make New Zealand dairy the best in the world. New Zealand farmers care deeply about the quality of the grass their cows eat. They have the highest standards in dairy quality , safety and care in the world . Grass fed cows produce the highest quality milk that our whey protein concentrate comes from.


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