HyperUp.com rewards you for being social!


Business & Consumer beneficial.

HyperUp.com aims to reinvigorate the social and online marketing world. Businesses (Publishers) and consumers (Subscribers) will have the ability to “hand-shake” in the form of advertised “deals” and “rewards” rewarding many of us for doing what we already do on a daily basis.

Businesses (Publishers)

What does the Business get?

HyperUp software will allow you to expand your target audience with unlimited potential to improve your ROI. With up to the minute, state of the art analytics integrated into your HyperUp Publisher account you will have full control over the deals advertised and the rewards you offer.

Consumers (Subscribers)

What do the Consumers get?

HyperUp.com will provide you with an endless number of published deals in the form of rewards for doing what you do every day. Whether you are looking to save at your local eatery or save on an upcoming event the more “hyper” you are at HyperUp.com the more rewards you will earn! Select deals from proven companies with a rating scale. We want only the best for you, the subscriber, and we will ensure that you get it. Trust knowing only established companies will market with HyperUp. We won’t allow anything else!

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